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About GrantNavigator

Our design philosophy


One of the core value propositions offered by GrantNavigator is centralized access to all grant related data, documents, tasks, budget details and performance outcomes tracked in a single, online platform shared by all stakeholders.

Programmatic Focus

While we do offer fiscal tools, GrantNavigator is expressly designed with a focus on programmatic grant management and compliance, not a finance system with a few basic grant management features. You already have a financial management system, and yet, here you are.


Flexibility is the responsibility of the software designer, not the user. You won’t be asked to conform your processes to meet the system’s capabilities. GrantNavigator was designed to conform to your policies and procedures, not the other way around.


Simplicity is the origin of adoption, and thus success. The more intuitive the functionality, and the lower the burden on the end user, the more the system will be adopted and the more it will contribute to a successful grants operation. Features are built based solely on customer feedback, and never to simply check a box.


While many grant management challenges are common, each client requires a flexible & configurable approach to addressing those challenges that reflects their unique policies, procedures, organizational structure and culture. GrantNavigator’s configurability is what sets it apart from the competition, and what makes it YOUR system, not ours.

About AFI

The company behind it

American Funding Innovators was founded in April, 2009, but our experience with grant software dates back over 15 years to when our founders worked on the first online grant search database, and 2006 when we designed & launched the first online grant management system on the market. Since those early days, we’ve moved on to form AFI and have worked hand in hand with our clients to continuously improve the user experience and functionality of GrantNavigator, ensuring it is YOUR SYSTEM designed to meet YOUR NEEDS.